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Yolo Cruise Travel Partner Wanted

17/01/2009 14:31

Dream Pleasure Tours isn’t a matchmaking service but we are very dedicated to helping our friends and customers take fabulous hot and sexy vacations. So we got an email from this lady in California. She’s in her mid 40s, she is in the medical field, her name is Laurie, and she is dying to go on the cruise. But Laurie doesn’t have a partner to share the room and if you go alone, you pay twice as much. Now hold on all of you stallions, she’s not looking for a date. She’s looking for someone to share the room, and her preference is that person be female. So this message is really for those adventurous ladies out there who want to go on this ultimate fantasy cruise and wouldn’t mind sharing a room with another adventurous lady.

Here’s how this will work. If you email me at I will forward your email to Laurie and let the two of you connect to see if you are compatible and can spend a week sharing a cabin. Now Laurie is from California, but any lady anywhere in the world is welcome, as long as you pay half the fare, and can be in Tampa Florida on April 26, 2009 to board ship.

Let me know. I would really like to help Laurie find a travel partner. After all, I don’t want anyone who wants to go missing this cruise!!

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