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08/10/2009 16:21

7-night Cruise journey throughout Southern France - July 25 - August 1, 2010

Visit the famous Burgundy wine country and quaint French towns on the way. See vineyards, terrific nightclubs, historic villages and all the famous sites you've always heard about. The adventure begins as you fly into Lyon, the closest airport city to your departure point of Chalone-Sur-Saone.We'll board the Viking is the leading riverboat cruise company in Europe. Explore the famed region of Burgundy and the lavender fields of Provence. Visit Gallo-Roman ruins in both Vienne and Arles; walk the cobbled streets of Arles to see how it inspired Vincent van Gogh.

luxurious Viking NEPTUNE riverboat cruise includes a clothing-optional environment, 75 river view cabins featuring private bathroom with private shower, air conditioning, telephone, TV, hairdryer and safe. Luxurious restaurant, full service gourmet meals and snacks, optional wine package, lounge and light entertainment are included as well as city tours with English speaking guides, bar service, cocktail reception, library, promenade, clothing optional sun deck, souvenir ship area and laundry service.

25/06/2009 11:51

Naughty in N'awlins Since 1999

Naughty in N'awlins is a lifestyle and swinger couples convention.This event is produced annually by Bob & Tess since 1999 and is one of the most popular lifestyle and swinger's events in the country. Where else does the City shut down their main street (Bourbon St.) and let 1,000 sexy swingers throw a parade? Only in New Orleans!

Make sure you come in early so you can catch the famous Wednesday Night (July 8th) Parade. The evening kicks off with a great Welcome Reception featuring free body painting, free shrimp and shucked oysters while listening to New Orleans' hottest Brass Band, the Hot 8 Brass band. Then everyone heads out onto Bourbon St to form up for the parade. With a Police escort, Mardi Gras floats, a Brass Band and lot's more the whole group heads off to Colette's for big kick off party!

That's just what's planned for Wednesday! This exciting event has the best seminars, demonstrations, pool parties, contests, private Bourbon St parties at Razoo's & Utopia, Theme Balls, Party Suites and much, much more... They will also have some great live New Orleans music throughout the week, mixed in with their great DJ's that always keep the dance floor full.  Dream Pleasure Tours will be there helping to keep the party going, and letting everyone know about our great swingers and lifestyle vacations.So if you don't have plans, come on down to New Orleans in July and join in the party.

19/05/2009 16:37

Swinging - The lifestyle for committed couples

Author: john lewis

If you wish to enhance your couple sex, then venture into the swinging lifestyle and realize your swinger aspirations to the


Are you loosing interest in your sexual life? Do you fail to satisfy your partner? If yes, then you should join the group of

swingers. Swinging has enhanced the lives of several couples. It brought love and sexual satisfaction among the couples who

were loosing interest in each other. Most of the swinging couples who venture into the lifestyle experience a contented

marital and sexual relationship. The desire for a fulfilling sexual life has compelled several couples to widen their horizons beyond the social


However, you should ask certain questions from yourself, before planning a swinger vacation or party. You should analyze

aspects like:

What will be the influence of swinger sex on your couple sex?

How to cope with feelings like jealousy and possessiveness?

Are you open to the swinging culture and its sexually explicit activities?

Hence, these aspects will give you an idea about your future in the swinger community. You should make a point to discuss

the above question with your spouse or partner. You should make sure that you are comfortable with the swinging culture and

activities. As far as couple sex is concerned, swinging enhances the sexual lives of the swinging couples. Most of the

couples have experienced increased couple sex after venturing into the swinging lifestyle.

However, you need to follow certain rules while pursuing swinger desires. You should respect the interests of other swingers

and shouldn't intrude in their privacy. Moreover, you should remember that the lifestyle aims at sexual pleasures, hence you

should focus on realizing your sexual desires without creating an emotional bond. You can also experiment with a whole lot

of swinger activities. However, if you aren't comfortable with the sexual act, then you can put your views in a polite

manner without hurting the sentiments of other swingers. So, join the swinger lifestyle and live your life to the fullest.

About the author:--

John Lewis  is a renowned writer who has been writing articles on the lifestyle needs of people. He keeps the reader updated

with the latest news about swinger travel and swinging behaviors. So, bookmark the page and keep reading his lifestyle 


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12/01/2009 12:08

Dream Pleasure Tours Help The Kids Program



For those of you who have been to one or more of the resorts we represent you know that most of our resorts are located in foreign countries such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Costa Rica. If you have been to any of these resorts, you know two things. First, the people at the resorts are wonderful people and they usually bend over backwards to make sure we tourists are well taken care of. Second, these people do not enjoy the same standard of living that we enjoy here in the United States or other industrialized countries, and even though the hotel workers earn a fair living based on local standard, there are many people in need of help.

Now I know what a lot of you may be thinking. If they elected better leaders, if they had a better political system, if they didn’t have so many kids, if there wasn’t so much corruption, if they put an emphasis on education, or if they worked harder they wouldn’t have so many problems. All that may be true to some degree. But whatever the reason, there is a certain part of the population that cannot be blamed for the problems in these countries, and is in fact our greatest hope for the future of these countries. We are talking about the children. That’s why Dream Pleasure Tours has created the Help the Kids Program.

How does it work? It’s real simple. We take a percentage of every travel dollar we receive and we give it to local children in need, and in particular to schools, orphanages and other children’s organizations in those countries. Further, we welcome and encourage our travelers to give a little extra to our Program, but that is completely optional.

The important thing to know is that 100% of this money goes directly to local needs near the resorts. We donate the money directly with the help of resort management. Nothing goes to any national charitable foundation where a large chunk of the money get’s used up in administration fees. Every penny goes to the kids.

We can’t fix the world. But we can make life better for some kids who have been born into unfortunate circumstances through no fault of their own. And maybe those kids will help their countries fix themselves when they become adults. Even if you can’t help us with an additional donation, please feel good about the fact that some of the money you have paid to us, for your hot, sexy Dream Pleasure Tours vacation, is helping kids in need.

17/12/2008 21:58

5 Erogenous Zones You Must Stimulate To Rock Her World

Do you know the secret to improving your sex life? Well to be honest incredible sex starts with one thing... Pleasing YOUR woman! If you can rock her world in the bedroom, then you'll have taken that crucial first step towards having a great sex life. Now there are a number of methods to pleasing women. But an incredible lover knows that turning her on before sex is the key to bringing her to the big "O"! So how do you do this? Well it's simple... You have to locate and stimulate her erogenous zones. As you probably know there are certain areas on a woman which are sources of great pleasure. If you know how to concentrate on these areas, you'll become the best lover she's ever had. Now you might think a woman's only erogenous zone is her breasts, but that's not the case. Actually there are many areas you can stimulate which will get her really excited. To help you out here are five areas which you can get started with: 1- Her Neck A woman's neck is THE most sensitive part of her body. To really get her going, you must learn to correctly caress and kiss this area. When doing this, you should run your fingers along her neck and kiss it lightly. Another technique which works incredibly well is to lightly nibble on her neck. 2- Her Hands As you probably know, a woman's sense of touch is a constant source of pleasure. So if you know how to kiss her hands and caress them, you can quickly build excitement. What you want to do is run your hands along her palms, play with her fingers, and give her a sensual hand massage. By focusing on her hands you'll be much different from other guys. You'll stand out in a positive way. 3- Her Ears Another really sensitive area is a woman's ear. If you really want to drive her nuts, you should lick or nibble on her ears. But I have a quick warning... Each woman has different sensitivity areas when it comes to their ears. Some love having this area stimulated while others hate it. This means you should be cautious, and start slowly. Then observe her reactions and work from there. 4- Her Feet A good foot massage can melt a woman like butter. If you can learn how to touch and caress and her feet without tickling her, she'll be really turned on. What you want to do is gently touch and knead her feet. Then judge her reactions and progress from there. 5- Her Inner Thighs A woman's inner thighs are incredibly sensitive. Since this is area is close to her "promised land"', you must earn her trust before trying to caress this area. Simply stroke (or even kiss) this area, then watch her positive reaction. I bet she'll love it! A woman's erogenous zones are a constant source of pleasure and excitement. If you can properly stimulate these sensitive areas, you'll have her going crazy with passion. Simply follow sexual tips I provided in this article, and you'll become a provider of incredible sex!

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About the Author

Want to learn 50 different ways to meet, approach and attract women? If so, take a look at Scott Patterson's Free eBook which provides 50 tips for approaching, attracting, and dating ANY woman.

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The Secret to Not Screwing Up Your Erotic Vacation

Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

Okay. We want your business. Big Deal! So do a number of other travel companies. We know you need more than that to do business with us. And just like they say on the airline “we know you have a choice, and we thank you for choosing….” We know you have a choice too, and here are Five Big reasons you should choose us.

1) Going to the exotic resorts we represent is fun anytime, but it’s even more fun when you go with the right people. And the “crowd” at these resorts changes from week to week. We book more group tours to these resorts than anyone, and we can tell you about the group, what type of people to expect, and introduce you to other folks on the same tour. Play with the people you want to play with! Fact: You will not get this service by booking directly with the resort or most other travel websites.

2) Even if you’re not going with another group, you may want to hook up with other folks who will be there the same time as you. Through our Exotic Travel Club you can connect with other travelers and make arrangements to meet when you are there, or even get together in person or on the phone in advance. It will make your trip that much more pleasurable. Fact: You will not get this service by booking directly with the resort or most other travel websites.

3) We charge exactly the same rates as the resorts but offer more options and service (and sometimes have extra specials they don’t include). You probably check Expedia before going to when looking for a hotel. Why? Because the Marriott may not be the only hotel you are considering visiting. We can show you many different resorts and group tours and we are constantly looking to add new resorts and new tours to our list. And you can join our Exotic Travel Club which allows you to earn points with each trip you take that can be cashed in for future trips and other benefits. You can also get coupons for travel discounts when you refer friends to us too! Fact: You will not get this service by booking directly with the resort or most other travel websites.

4) We represent you. If your experience at a resort isn’t what you’d expected, or if the resort didn’t give you the service you deserve, you have no one in your corner. We book thousands of bookings into our resort partners every year, and we have clout. We’re on your side, and if you have problems, we are there to help get them resolved—in your favor. If you book directly with the resort, and you’re not happy, your complaints may very well fall on deaf ears. Fact: You will not get this service by booking directly with the resort or most other travel websites.

5) We provide personal service. We consider ourselves professionals in this business, and conduct ourselves accordingly. That means standing behind our service, processing bookings efficiently and expeditiously, treating all of our customers fairly, and being responsible with our customer’s deposits. We’re not, where you are just another number on a computer screen, and we’re not some computer geek with a website and merchant account. We are real people with extensive experience in both the travel industry, and clothing optional and other lifestyle and swinger friendly resorts. That makes a difference. Fact: You will not get this service by booking directly with the resort or most other travel websites.

Bonus reason – we will match any price you can find from any other company!

Okay, now that we have established the facts, your only sensible choice is Dream Pleasure Tours! Book now before someone else gets that room.
Remember, clothing optional and lifestyle friendly resorts all have limited space and often sell out at varying times of the year.

For detailed information please visit the Dream Pleasure Tours main site.




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