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Dream Pleasure Tours Frequent Customer Reward Program

15/12/2008 06:43


Some companies have complicated reward programs that require the customer to complete forms, use special codes, or make purchases during certain dates or times.  (Case in point— ever try to redeem your frequent flyer points?)

At Dream Pleasure Tours, we make it simple. Want to know how you become a member of our frequent customer reward program?  Book a trip and you’re automatically enrolled. No forms to fill out, no numbers to keep track of.  We do all of the work, and you get the rewards.

Here’s how it works.  For every trip you book with Dream Pleasure Tours, you will receive a $25.00 per person certificate.  That’s fifty bucks for a couple! You can use those certificates for future travel—any future travel.  No blackouts, no special dates, no restrictions.  Just put the certificate in a safe place, and use it to pay for your next trip.  It couldn’t be simpler.  And guess what?  On your next trip, you get another $25.00 certificate per person!  In fact, you’ll get a $25.00 per person certificate every time you take a trip.

And that’s not all!  We also have a new customer referral program.  We’ll give you an additional $25.00 certificate for every new client you refer to us, once they book a new trip with us.  Imagine this….Take a vacation, ask four of your friends along, and get $200.00 off!!  Wow!! Now that’s a reward program.

It get’s even better.  Unlike some resort reward programs, it doesn’t matter which resort, cruise or excursion you book.  So, you can use the reward certificate you earned when you went to Desire, on your trip to Hedonism.  Or visa versa. Referral certificate will be issued after clients complete their travel and must not have booked with Dream Pleasure Tours previously.

So, start receiving the benefits of the Dream Pleasure Tours rewards program by booking your next vacation with us today!

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