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5 Erogenous Zones You Must Stimulate To Rock Her World

17/12/2008 21:58

Do you know the secret to improving your sex life? Well to be honest incredible sex starts with one thing... Pleasing YOUR woman! If you can rock her world in the bedroom, then you'll have taken that crucial first step towards having a great sex life. Now there are a number of methods to pleasing women. But an incredible lover knows that turning her on before sex is the key to bringing her to the big "O"! So how do you do this? Well it's simple... You have to locate and stimulate her erogenous zones. As you probably know there are certain areas on a woman which are sources of great pleasure. If you know how to concentrate on these areas, you'll become the best lover she's ever had. Now you might think a woman's only erogenous zone is her breasts, but that's not the case. Actually there are many areas you can stimulate which will get her really excited. To help you out here are five areas which you can get started with: 1- Her Neck A woman's neck is THE most sensitive part of her body. To really get her going, you must learn to correctly caress and kiss this area. When doing this, you should run your fingers along her neck and kiss it lightly. Another technique which works incredibly well is to lightly nibble on her neck. 2- Her Hands As you probably know, a woman's sense of touch is a constant source of pleasure. So if you know how to kiss her hands and caress them, you can quickly build excitement. What you want to do is run your hands along her palms, play with her fingers, and give her a sensual hand massage. By focusing on her hands you'll be much different from other guys. You'll stand out in a positive way. 3- Her Ears Another really sensitive area is a woman's ear. If you really want to drive her nuts, you should lick or nibble on her ears. But I have a quick warning... Each woman has different sensitivity areas when it comes to their ears. Some love having this area stimulated while others hate it. This means you should be cautious, and start slowly. Then observe her reactions and work from there. 4- Her Feet A good foot massage can melt a woman like butter. If you can learn how to touch and caress and her feet without tickling her, she'll be really turned on. What you want to do is gently touch and knead her feet. Then judge her reactions and progress from there. 5- Her Inner Thighs A woman's inner thighs are incredibly sensitive. Since this is area is close to her "promised land"', you must earn her trust before trying to caress this area. Simply stroke (or even kiss) this area, then watch her positive reaction. I bet she'll love it! A woman's erogenous zones are a constant source of pleasure and excitement. If you can properly stimulate these sensitive areas, you'll have her going crazy with passion. Simply follow sexual tips I provided in this article, and you'll become a provider of incredible sex!

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