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January Is Lifestyle Month at Hedonism II - January 2010 Early Booking Specials

19/02/2009 19:27

I know January has just ended. So why am I bringing up January 2010? The reason is that January is lifestyle month at Hedonism II. This is the month when swingers and lifestylers from around the world come to Jamaica for the ultimate swingers vacation. Generally the resort sells out almost every night. That’s right. This isn’t some sales gimmick to get you to book early. It’s a fact. We had our own staff down at Hedonism II in January and they were moved across the street to another resort because every room at Hedonism II was gone. We also turned away dozens of customers who wanted to book in the last part of the year because nothing was available. So if you’re even thinking about going to Hedonism II for any of the four weeks in lifestyle month, don’t delay. Get your deposit in now.

The good news is we have just gotten our contracts for Hedonism II in January 2010, and we have over 1,400 room nights available exclusively for Dream Pleasure Tours customers. You’ll also get in on the Dream Pleasure Tours special treatment with expedited check in, meet and greets, host couples, special gift packages and other benefits exclusively for the Dream Pleasure Tours traveler. You’ll also be invited on our optional sailing trip, and when I was told what happened on the sailing ship this year, I know that’s something I won’t be missing 2010! (Can we say the boat was a rockin’ and I don’t mean the music!)

Of course, those people who think ahead deserve a little bonus. So we have an early booking discount. For the first 30 reservations we take for Hedonism II in January 2010 there is a $50.00 per person discount. For a couple, that’s one hundred bucks!! That’s a pretty sweet deal so get in on it because one these first 30 reservations are in, the price goes up.

Choose any one of four great weeks at Hedonism II in January 2010. Check out these weeks and prices.

Ring in the New Year Week

Dream Pleasure Week I

Dream Pleasure Week II

Party and Play Week

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